energy leaders

to the right people

for immediate

Top 3 complaints energy leaders have shared:

Broken Message

“Our message to new candidates is weak, inconsistent and often not representative of our brand. We sometimes make this problem worse by covering the issue with more money or compensation.” 

Business Unit Leader

wasted time and money

lower standards

“We lower our standards or give up. The combination of high expectations from leadership AND the level of time, money and effort required to attract the right talent create an challenging situation.” 

SVP of Sales

challenging situation

poor success rate

“Our compensation package is competitive. We know a good candidate when we see them. Why has recruiting become so difficult and expensive with a poor success rate? What are we missing and what biases have we adopted that do not work for us? ” 


difficult and expensive


We understand how frustrating and time consuming the process to find the right person can be.

We can HELP you!

We have the right combination of relationships and process to find and recruit experienced critical managers and executives. Additionally, we facilitate retention in the recruiting process by helping them make a positive and immediate impact so companies can grow their operations.

We believe early success leads to long term relationships.


For nearly 20 years, we have been in the energy market place helping our clients find the right candidates and helping candidates find the right home.

$ 1

Total compensation value of placements

Our Process

  • Balance the needs across the various stakeholders
  • Unify and develop the
    balanced message
  • Discover and eliminate biases

Our Promise

  • Retained Searches Only - We are in this to find the right person regardless of the time and effort.
  • Unicorn Proof - We tell you up front if your search will work in the current market conditions.
  • Guaranteed Success – Any failure inside 12 months, we will go find another candidate.

You have a choice on your next search…

Let us help you avoid

  • Excessive candidate turnover which negatively impacts your brand.
  • Recruits failing to reach objectives or worse quitting before they reach a moment of truth.
  • Overpaying because you are being outsold by your competitor.

Our future together

A recruiting process that delivers a quality message to meaningful candidates.

A successful recruiting journey to the right candidate

A candidate that will thrive in your organization and help it scale to new heights.

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Michael Wing